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Who We Are

We apply our legal skills to advise and assist our clients to navigate their legal issue.

We balance care and compassion with professionalism and perseverance to get the results our clients deserve.

Our commitment is to be commercially insightful as well as legally accurate. Our reputation for reliability, knowledge and advocacy for our clients has led us to become the well-respected law firm we are today.

We are based in the Australian Capital Territory but travel to rural areas and cities to ensure that all our clients no matter where they are, along with our connections and networks, from all parts of Australia, have access to sound legal advice.

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What Our Clients Say

I can’t describe how relieved and pleased I was that it was you, knowing my history, in front of the court for my matter today.  Thank you again for everything that you did to walk me through the process. I know it was a long road back from where I’d got to and I’m very proud and relieved to be on the other side today. 

Family Law Client – name withheld

The enormity of what you have done for us words cannot explain. Your exceptional legal knowledge moved our case to be expedited and without this, we would still be fighting. You are an amazing legal team and I have no doubt the best in Canberra.

Family Law Client – name withheld

I woke up this morning in Peace. Thank you for your tireless work and being part of assisting my mum to be free of decades o f a Domestic Violence marriage. It is difficult to put in words what you and your team have done. My mum can now live in peace and freedom.

Family Law Client – name withheld

Thank you for the excellent professional and personal assistance.

Probate Client – name withheld

I can’t thank you both enough for today. You both have gone beyond your duty of care. And you both believed in me when things looked pretty grim. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Family Provision Claim Client– name withheld

Your sympathetic and professional approach assisted me in finding my way through circumstances that I found both distressing and unjust.

Probate Client – name withheld

Even though I live far away, you helped me to keep in touch with the practicalities of the law of a distant land.

Probate Client – name withheld

I appreciate the professionalism of the Campbell and Co lawyers my father chose wisely.

Thankyou again please pass the appreciation onto Barbara.

Probate Client – name withheld

Thank you once again for your great professional efforts. All seems well the kids settlements & pensions are in place.

K W. & Jason

Our Community and Professional Connections