For many, a will is something you leave ‘until tomorrow’. We always hope tomorrow doesn’t come for a very long time. However, according to the principles of preventative law, having a properly drawn up will ensures that your beneficiaries and the state are not using up your legacy in fighting for assets that were not bequeathed the way you wanted when you were alive.

Surely you would not like the state to take a percentage of your assets. But public trustee wills or leaving NO will at all (dying intestate) often will result in this occurring. For separating couples, a will is vital. Although a divorce order negates a gift to a spouse, it is this in-between time of separation that requires a new will to fully reflect your current wishes. Although will packages are available from newsagents, there are many pitfalls in such documents. This is especially so if there is real estate to be distributed.

If a loved one can no longer make personal or legal decisions for him- or herself, and you do not have their power of attorney, we can also advise you on whether you should consider a guardianship or management order for someone you are caring for. We shall then take you through the legal requirements and applications necessary should this be required.

Special Free Service

Once your will is completed, it is not the end of the estate planning process. We re-submit your will file every five years, and as a courtesy we give you a call to see if you need to update your will as your life circumstances change.

Whether you still need to make your will, or you are interested in updating it, call us today to schedule an appointment.
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