Separation is painful enough, but financial stress often comes with it. Property division between separated parties in any kind of relationship – be it marriage, de facto, same sex or otherwise – is decided pursuant to principles in the Family Law Act.

Our team will ensure that full disclosure occurs, and then promptly guide you to early dispute resolution options, including arbitration or mediation with highly-experienced lawyers who may well be retired judges or barristers. We aim to settle your family law matter quickly and efficiently in a manner that works best for you.

If you and the person you are separating from agree upon your proposed property division, you may be an ideal candidate for online resolution.

However, on occasion, the bad behaviour of one person requires urgent action by the other in a court. In cases such as removing assets out of the jurisdiction or requiring urgent financial assistance in the form of spousal maintenance, then our full team will work urgently on your matter, be it in court or finalising it.

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