Schedule of Rates

Within two weeks of your first appointment, we shall provide you with a letter of advice, strategies to be applied to your matter and a more tailored estimate of fees as they relate to your particular circumstances.

Our Team and Hourly Rates – unless a Set Fee has been agreed:

            • Barbara Campbell, Director - $480 (plus GST = $528)
            • Paul Salinas, Director - $480 (plus GST = $528)
            • Kay Barralet, Senior Consultant  - $420 (plus GST = $462)
            • Senzeni Zambezi, Director  - $390 (plus GST = $429)
            • Cameron Fox, Senior Paralegal - $280 (plus GST = $308)
            • Alicia Prest, Senior Paralegal - $280 (plus GST = $308)
            • Perry Cabban, Paralegal - $195 (plus GST = $214.50)

Family Law

Our hourly rates for family law matters, complex Wills and Trusts range from $350.00 to $450.00 (plus GST) depending on the complexity of your matter and experience required. Unlike many other firms, we charge by the minute, not by six-minute intervals, which means that you only pay for the work we do.
Wills & Estate Law
The prices below are for our standard wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPOA). If your will is more complex, for example, if it involves a blended family or trusts, you may be charged at our hourly rates. Please note that our wills and EPOA fees do not include drafting of other documents, such as Binding Death Nominations, which will be charged at our hourly rate. Please call our office to discuss your needs.
Service Cost
Straight Forward Will Only $550.00
Straight forward Will & Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) $770.00
Single EPOA $385.00
Two straight forward Wills (for spouses or partners) $880.00
Two EPOAs (for spouses or partners) $550.00
Two straight forward Wills & EPOAs (for spouses or partners) $990.00
NB:  Prices quoted above are inclusive of GST

We also offer NSW Appointments of Enduring Guardians.
Dispute Resolution
Coming soon! 
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